Dierks Bentley New Music On The Way

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Dierks Bentley

Dierks Bentley (photo by Kurt Wolff/CBS Local)

Dierks Bentley is readying a new album for release…and he’s about to give fans their first taste of what’s to come when his new single hits the airwaves. The song is “Bourbon in Kentucky,” and the album is called Riser. “There’s certainly a new sound to the album,” Dierks hints, adding, “With all my records, I’m always searching for ‘new’.” Dierks talks about the new album:  “Actually, there’s certainly a new sound to the album. But I think ‘new’ is what is exciting about country music, you know? ‘New’ is what got me into country music. Hearing Hank Junior sing when I was 17-years-old was totally new to me. It might’ve been old to somebody else, but for me that was a brand new sound, and it just was…exciting. So, I think with all my records, I’m always searching for ‘new’.”  And as far as what you’ll hear on the new album Riser DB says: “There are songs on the record that, you know, kind of correlate back to certain themes I’ve had in the past. Certainly the lonesome stuff is on there. And I’d say ‘Bourbon in Kentucky’ is an example of that. And then [there’s] some stuff that’s made for, uh…consuming cold beer. Then there’s kind of a third layer to the album which would be to show kind of where I am in my life as a, you know, as a dude, as a man, as a…as a husband, father…the guy – you know my dad passed away, so that’s all kind of tied into it. Just kind of a look at the world around me and making observations on that.”

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