Darius Rucker Raises $225,000 For St. Jude

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Darius Rucker St Jude Private Performance 23

Darius Rucker wrapped up his two-day event — the 4th annual Darius and Friends — with a concert Monday night (June 3rd) and a golf tournament on Tuesday (June 4th). The event benefits St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and has raised more than $225,000 over the previous first three years.  Darius explains why he does it: “That place is just an incredible place. After visiting there and talking to people, and the thing that really just for me makes me want to do this is knowing they never turn you away. We live in such a wild society right now where hospitals will turn you away for not having the right insurance. And it’s so great to know there’s a place to go if your kid’s sick and not have to worry about mortgaging your house or selling your car or anything [like that]. All you have to worry about is your kid getting better, and that’s why I help.”

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