Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Wednesday 6/19/13

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Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

This morning’s contestant on College of Hollywood Knowledge was not only competing for the first time, he admitted it was his very first time ever listening to the show! Brendan’s fiancee kept recommending it him, so he finally gave us a try :)

Brendan must’ve had some beginner’s luck, because he answered FOUR correctly!! Did he win on his first day? Check it out below!

1. Russell Brand reportedly told his ex wife he wanted a divorce via text message, who is his ex wife?

2. Danielle Bradbery  the winner of last nights finale of what reality show on NBC?

3. Moe Howard’s birthday is today. He died in 1975. Moe was part of what comedy TV trio?

4. Ann Wilson is celebrating her 63 rd birthday today as well. Ann and her sister Nancy brought their “Heartbreaker” tour to the Amphitheater last night. Name the band.

5. Actress Kate Hudson is lobbying hard for a spot on the show “Inside the Actors Studio” in an effort to better  her profile in Hollywood. Who’s the host of “Inside the Actors Studio” on the Bravo cable network?

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