Drake White And Kip Moore Dress Up

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Drake White hit the road on Toby Keith’s Hammer Down Tour, and  has become friends with Kip Moore, who’s also on the bill. The two artists and their bands and crew hang out backstage playing cornhole and other assorted games, and they sometimes gather around for an impromptu jam. Drake and Kip are also major students of their craft, soaking up and learning all they can from Toby. After their sets in Pittsburgh, the two went out in the crowd to catch Toby’s show…with the help of a disguise.  Drake explained it this way:  “Kip’s like, ‘Man! I really wanna go out and check out what [Toby] does.’ And Manny, his bass player, said, ‘Man, I’m not going out there with you, unless you take your red hat off, take your sleeveless shirt off and put some sleeves on.’ Kip was like, ‘Alright man, I’ll do it.’ And Manny was like, ‘Watch – he’ll come out with like a backwards green hat on’ and this and that. I was like, ‘That’d still be fun. We might get attacked a little bit, but it’ll be fun,’” says Drake. “He comes out with a straight up Twisted Sister look – a long blonde wig, borrowed a headband from my drummer, and wore the headband, wore the shades. I put a different hat on, and we walked around the side and just got up on the grass. If you come around from the back, [you] can just kinda slide in. As a matter of fact, a couple of places that we slide in, people are like, ‘Y’all can’t stand there. Y’all can’t stand there. We’ve been sitting here all day.’ We’re like, ‘Cool.’ So, we move, and after about two or three of those, we found us a spot.”’

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