Brad Paisley Beat This Summer Tour

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Brad Paisley took a new approach with his latest album, Wheelhouse, by opting to record it in a converted farmhouse studio on his property in Tennessee. And while it’s kind of  like Brad has a home studio, he says that he still needed a little bit of space between home and studio…if only to avoid making himself crazy!  “I always said I was never gonna have a home studio because it would be too much temptation to never quit. You know, I’m one of those kids that if you stick Legos in my bedroom, I won’t sleep. I’ll just build the Legos all night, and you’ll come in in the morning (laughs), and there’s a big building or somethin’, and I’m passed out on the floor. But the difference is that I don’t live here, so we were able to do this. I still have to come to this house to do it, which is a good thing. It’s not in my basement or somethin’. I think people with studios have a tendency to put their kids to bed and go back to work in a much easier way than it was for me. Like, comin’ back down here was a commitment to, like, ‘Okay, I’ll see ya later. I’m goin’ down to the studio.’ Which is a good thing.”

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