Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledege: Monday 7/22/13

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Chris Jackson/AFP/Getty Images

Chris Jackson/AFP/Getty Images

Good morning from Veronica, Dave & The Cledus and Dave Morning Show! Backstage for the Rascal Flatts concert at the Amp Dave & Veronica
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You like how today’s photo ties in TWO of this morning’s questions? :) The Royal Family and Batman! Unfortunately, our contestant, Shane, did not even manage to get 2 correct this Monday. whomp whaaaaaaa…. He was fun, though! And, he DID answer the sports question correctly… so he gets to keep his man card.

1. A “world media alert ” this morning informed us that what royal gas gone  into labor?

2. It was announced at comic con over the weekend that 2 superheroes will be on screen together for the first time… Batman and what other Man ?

3. Model Gisele Bundchen turned 33 over the weekend. Who is she married to?

4. According to a new poll, Michael Jordan and Serena Williams are the most popular male and female sports stars. What sports do each play?

5. InTouch Weekly says that Glee  is going on hiatus to deal with Cory Monteith’s  death. What was his characters name on the show?

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