Twinkies Being Rationed Around Tampa Bay

Where can you find Twinkies? Leave your Twinkie spotting stories in the comments section below!
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The Sara Lee "golden creme cakes" ruined my Friday.  (Photo: Geno Knight/CBS Radio)

The Sara Lee “golden creme cakes” ruined my Friday. (Photo: Geno Knight/CBS Radio)

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I thought only Apple was smart enough to employ this shortage of supply tactic. Remember the furor when new iPhones were released. Remember the riots in the 80s with Cabbage Patch Kids and Tickle Me Elmo in the 90s? Now, Sara Lee and a Twinkies shortage has ruined my Friday.

I started seeing the tweets a couple weeks ago that the Hostess sponge cakes were popping up around Tampa at Walmart. My passive interest turned into a yearning when the Publix behind my house in Riverview didn’t have them. So I dropped into the Brandon Walmart earlier this week. No Twinkies to be found. Now the yearning was starting to evolve into a craving.

Then today happened. While shopping at Publix, I took a look to see if they’d arrived yet. When I realized there were none to be had, I decided to settle and try the Sara Lee Twinkie clones, “Golden Creme Cakes.”

It wasn’t that they just weren’t as good. They were terrible. They weren’t sweet. The texture wasn’t right. Now my Twinkies craving has entered the obsessed phase. I gotta get some this weekend. According to the Tampa Tribune, Twinkies are being rationed due to the unforeseen demand. (Really? Unforeseen? Is America’s obesity problem and obsession with junk food unknown?)

Where have YOU spotted them? How recently did you see them in stock? HELP! Leave your Twinkie spottings in the comments area at the bottom of this page!

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