Back To School Prep Then and Now

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Photo credit PIERRE ANDRIEU/AFP/GettyImages

Photo credit PIERRE ANDRIEU/AFP/GettyImages

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I was browsing through the local newspaper and noticing all of the “Back To School” advertisements on television and couldn’t help but notice how things have changed since I was a kid. The list of things that kids and parents need to prepare for the new school year is the same in some ways, yet very different in so many others.

When I was a kid my Mother would take us to Sears for schools clothes and we’d pick out a few notebooks. That was it. We would wait for the 1st day of school to come, and just go.

Now there are endless lists of vaccines, allergy postings on each students desk, anti-bullying rules, dress codes, talk of arming teachers, and electronic devices that are necessary for each child to succeed in class. Not to mention the social climate has changed drastically. Kids are dating very young and social networking has taken over the lives of youngsters these days.

I’m not sure I would want to be a kid right now.  I never thought I’d say this when I was 10, but it seemed that growing up used to be so much easier a long time ago.

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