Will You Watch American Idol Or Could You Care Less?

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American Idol
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So I have been seeing all these headlines about American Idol lately, including some early promotions on television about where you can try out. Then last week Keith Urban confirmed that he was returning as a judge for the 13th season. There were not any confirmations as to who else would be on the judges panel, but I couldn’t help but ask myself if I really cared.

When American Idol first broke out over a decade ago, it seemed everyone was glued to the screen. Year after year a new singer was crowned. Some reaching crazy heights of success an others never to be heard from again. There should be a reality show that follows the winner after the celebration. Now that would be entertaining. Why do some make it and others fail miserably?

So as the press wonders who the other judges will be, I’ll be sitting around enjoying the dozen other performance based reality shows that are out there now.IIDDOL

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