Going To See “Elysium” As It Tops Box Office

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I was looking to see a movie this week, something different from what’s out there. There are plenty of kids movies and movies for families. (Smurfs 2, Despicable Me 2, etc).

Then I read about “Elysium.” Matt Damon lives on a space station for the wealthy while the rest of the population has to tough it out on a ravaged earth in the year 2154. It seems we just love to look into the future and wonder what life could be like. We are all fascinated by it.

Fascinated enough for “Elysium” to take in $30.5 million dollars this weekend at the box office. Damon’s flick beat out the Jennifer Anniston comedy “We’re The Millers.” No surprise since it gave away all of the funny scenes in the trailer. I guess I know which movie I’ll see next!

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