Luke Bryan’s Wallet and I.D. Stolen

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(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

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Someone is out there walking around with Luke Bryan‘s backpack, wallet, and I.D!

You see, Luke had just gotten off a long overnight flight in Seattle and was about to board a bus when he made the mistake of putting the backpack down. He says it was gone in a flash. By the time he realized it, it was too late. The first thing I thought of was how could this happen? Don’t these famous people travel with security people and entourages? I guess there are stalkers out there just waiting for us (or someone like Luke) to slip up.

So poor Luke Bryan is probably wondering who is out there floating around with his stuff. Especially his I.D. Imagine his address and possibly social security number on there. How scary. Even worse, they could be posing as him. Well, maybe not that. They would have to be very good looking!

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