Alyssa Milano’s Leaked Sex Tape Has More Politics Than Skin

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When I first watched the supposed sex tape of Alyssa Milano‘s I thought, “What a cute idea, but why’d they include the Syrian Crises being discussed on TV while they had sex?”

As I watch it again I realized this tape is either a ill-delivered political statement, or a publicity stunt. To my horror I realized it could be both!

I am a strong supporter to freedom of speech and the press, but I always cringe when actors try to make serious statements about American Policy. Especially when it’s in a fake sex tape! This issue is handled all wrong in this “sex tape”.

To me, the “sex tape” of Ms. Milano’s is very similar to Miley Cyrus twerking half naked on the VMA’s. They are both attention seeking.

Does it shock you to find out that the season finale to her summer time ABC series Mistresses is Mon, Sept 9 at 10pm?

I believe this “sex tape” is nothing more than a publicity stunt to make people talk about about her and her show.

To me it’s a dangerous and disgusting concept that she would tie into a serious crises involving the deaths of more than 1400 people.

Worse yet, if the United States does bomb Syria thousand more could die! Why would you want to use this situation to help your name get in the press and your show get ratings?

Disgusting, but that’s just my opinion.

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