Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Wednesday 9/11/13

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Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Good morning from Veronica, Dave & The Cledus and Dave Morning Show! Backstage for the Rascal Flatts concert at the Amp Dave & Veronica
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Our contestant this morning on College of Hollywood Knowledge, Matt, was on his way to work where he installs carpet. Matt has a tremendous sense of humor. Although Matt only answered two right, it wasn’t exactly a walk in the park for Veronica! She struggled to get three correct. Check out question number five… Oprah sure has a weird phobia!

1. The New York mayoral primary  race came to a close last night. What controversial candidate came in dead last?

2. The hometown of Roger Ebert is raising money for a  life-size bronze statue of the late critic. Roger was best known for being a TV critic of what?

3. Name the late-night talk show host that had a run from 1989 to 1994 and started back up this week?

4. This week, “The Talk” co-host Sharon Osbourne admitted that when  she was 25 , she had a “flingy wingy ” with what late-night talkshow host?  Letterman  ….Leno ….Johnny Carson?

5. In the upcoming October issue of O Magazine, Oprah confronts her fears. She admits she has a fear of  A) Balloons B) Clowns C) Confetti?

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