Westboro Baptish Church Insults Blake Shelton, The Voice And Calls Miranda Lambert A Hoe

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Westboro Baptist Church is shirring up trouble again, this time they’re aiming their insane statements at one of country music’s most loved and talked about couples, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert.

These nut-jobs are planning to picket Blake Shelton’s October 3 concert in Kansas City, Missouri because they say Blake’s an adulterer and Miranda is a whore.

Such a lovely group of people they are.

Credit Westboro Baptist Church

Credit Westboro Baptist Church

Here is the flyer they posted on their church website. It is so vile, disgusting and damn insulting toward Blake and Miranda that I almost didn’t include it in the story.  The ONLY reason I am printing this horrible statement is so y’all can see that their words are not the work of GOD, but of EVIL.

Here’s to hoping that Blake and Miranda take their feisty country butts out to the picket and give them a piece of their mind.

Vince Gill did this not to long ago when he was defending his wife’s honor against these vile creatures.

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