Veronica’s Komen 3 Day 60 Mile Journey For Breast Cancer

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Veronica and the WQYK team beging their 3 day journey! (photo: Veronica/WQYK)

Veronica and the WQYK team begin their 3 day journey! (photo: Veronica/WQYK)

Hey, Veronica here! I’m walking 60 miles over the course of 3 days for breast cancer. It’s the last year that the Komen 3 Day is holding this event in Tampa Bay. It’ll be my 8th year participating in this amazing experience!

I’ll be keeping this page up to date with my stories and photos along the way, so check back through the weekend to see how we’re doing!


Want to see our photos from the walk? Click here!



Today’s updates have been few and far between. Honestly, it’s mostly because on the third day, we try to concentrate on simply moving forward. Everyone is sore, and we are pretty much on autopilot!

It’s been an amazing day nonetheless. The students at St. Leo University have come out every year to cheer on the walkers. They were back once again today. It was really hard to hold back the emotions on that one!

I also came across one walker who lost her twin sister this year. She was walking with her niece, which is her sister’s daughter. It’s heroes like these that remind us why we’re out here putting 1 foot in front of each other.

With only a few miles to go, I’m both excited to celebrate and sad that this is the final year! See you at the finish line!


Day 3, 5.6 miles, 10:26 am

Well, here we are. It’s the final day. Once again, we woke up cold, damp, and pretty sore. However, we remember those who we walk for… So we keep going. We are walking a little slower today, but still moving forward!

The families and supporters that we encounter on the road are very uplifting. It’s going to be an emotional afternoon!


Day 2, 40 miles done!!

I just ate a very delicious dinner… We are officially back at camp!!! Day 2 is officially in the books for the Komen 3 Day for the Cure Tampa Bay.

The afternoon took us by the beaches. Although it was beautiful, walking down Gulf Blvd was very hot. It was sunny with no shade! We made our way through Treasure Island, then back to St Pete.

I can’t believe how good I feel, considering we just walked 40 miles in 2 days! We have a camp tradition… Everyone gathers when the last walker enters camp. We cheer them on as they walk in. This year was even more special knowing it would be the last. So, the Safety crew followed in on motorcycles!

It may sound crazy, but on the last night of camp, we always have a dance party. YES!!! After walking for two solid days, all the walkers get together and dance!! Camp life is such a great, tight-knit community.

Tonight, we also heard from Elise. She’s a 3 Day walker & breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at 23. TWENTY THREE. She has an amazing spirit, and she is a beautiful, living, fighting example of why I’m out here.

One more day to go before my journey comes to a close. 20 more miles. We got this.


Day 2, 11 miles 1:08 pm

I’m so thrilled! We are at lunch! We have walked 11 miles so far today. More importantly, it means 31 miles in the fight against breast cancer over the last two days. Over halfway there!

So far, we’ve made our way through St. Pete, Seminole, Largo… and now we are heading out towards the beaches.

One of my favorite stops today was the city of Seminole fire rescue guys! They are always such great supporters of this walk! (And not too hard on the eyes. LOL)

No blisters so far! Keep your fingers crossed for me!


Day 2, 2 miles 8:39 am

Last night at camp, they had some foot and back massagers set up for the walkers! I can’t tell you how wonderful that felt. The only downside… It was pretty chilly and very damp overnight. It made it a little difficult to get a good night’s sleep. But in times like these, we remember that those who we are walking for have gone through much worse. So, it’s not so bad after all!

We woke up this morning to have a good breakfast. And coffee! Definitely coffee!

We are 2 miles in right now. We are currently inside of veterans memorial park. It was so cool to walk over the bridge on Tyrone Boulevard… There were dolphins playing, and I saw a spotted manta ray swimming in the water!! Let’s make it a great Day 2!!


Day 1 DONE! 20 miles, 5:24 pm

It’s been an amazing day. We’re all pretty tired, yet pumped at the same time! We wrapped up the day walking along Indian Rocks Beach. It was beautiful!

Today was hotter than we expected, but not as bad as past years. We’re getting ready to head into camp to eat, set up our tents & take showers. We sleep at camp… it’s so fun!

I had a crazy craving for coffee along the route today, so we stopped & got our caffeine fix. Hey, it’s the little things! Thanks to all of the firefighters who came out to take photos with walkers. Us ladies love that! See you on the road tomorrow!! :)


Day 1, 11 miles down, 1:09 pm

We’ve done 11 miles so far… sitting here at lunch! So excited to eat salt & vinegar potato chips. Sometimes, I get really weird craving for snacks out here on the trail.

We walked through the beautiful neighborhoods in Bellair, then through Largo. It’s so great to see all of the families that come out to cheer on the walkers! They bring us cold water, Gatorade, snacks… even sunscreen.

It’s gonna be hard to get back up after sitting down. I’m changing my socks to a fresh pair. Heading toward the beaches now!


Day 1, 5.5 miles down! 10:16 am

This morning, we started our journey at Sand Key Park. Opening ceremonies started with a Zumba stretch!

It was emotional knowing that this would be the last year. We raise the flag, like we do each year for the walk, and shout out the name of the person that we are remembering.

As we started the walk, we crossed over the Sand Key Bridge… then through Clearwater Beach!
We stop every couple of miles to rest, stretch, drink, and have a snack… and we use Port-A-Potties… for 3 days!!! I’m not accustomed yet to not flushing. Lol!!! My feet are starting to throb a little, but it’s not too bad… right now, we are at mile 5.5.

Check back in soon!


Want to follow our route as we walk?

CLICK HERE to see where we’ve been and where we’re headed!

Want to come out and support the final 3 Day For The Cure?

CLICK HERE for details on how you can come out and cheer on all the walkers!

Of course, I called into the show to talk with Dave about this year’s walk before the opening ceremonies began.

The Susan G Komen 3 Day is an amazing event – fun, exhausting, emotional and I get to share it with some amazing people!

Take a listen:

Here we go! Listen:

Want to see our photos from the walk? Click here!

(photo: Veronica/WQYK)

The gang at the final Komen 3 Day walk for the cure (photo: Veronica/WQYK)

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