Craigslist Lost and Found With a Twist

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When Rabbi Noah Muroff bought a desk off Craigslist he didn’t realize he’d get more than just the desk.
After getting his new purchase home, he realized it wouldn’t fit through the door of his office. After removing the hinges and door, he decided to remove the desk top for extra room.
That’s when he noticed a plastic grocery bag and what he thought was a $100 bill inside. After opening the bag he realized it was quite a bit more. The bag contained $98,000.
Muroff didn’t take the money and run though. He decided to contact the original owner who was most grateful her money was returned.
In appreciation, the owner “Patty” refunded the purchase price of the desk ($150) and insisted on reward money. She also gave Muroff’s family a thank you note.

Watch the touching story here…

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