Texas Woman Says Brad Paisley And Carrie Underwood Stole Her Song

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Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood have sung together, co-hosted TV shows together and now will most likely be testifying in court together. A federal court judge in Nashville has ruled that a copyright infringement lawsuit over their hit “Remind Me” may proceed to trial.

Singer/song writer Amy Bowen suit claims the 2011 Paisley/Underwood hit is a rip-off of her copy-righted 2008 song also titled “Remind Me”.

I say hogwash, but what do I know about law. The only similarities in the two songs lyrically that have been reported are the words “Remind Me” and “Baby”. WHAT?!

Bowman and her lawyers claim that because both songs are “substantially” similar (????) she should be named the Paisley/Underwood song’s sole owner and receive up to $10-million in royalties and damages.

Yep, you read that right! She wants to own Brad and Carrie’s song because it has three words that are similar to her “Remind Me” song.

That’s crazy!

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