WestJet Christmas Video: Touching? Or Just Good Marketing?

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Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Good morning from Veronica, Dave & The Cledus and Dave Morning Show! Backstage for the Rascal Flatts concert at the Amp Dave & Veronica
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Dave caught Veronica getting emotional while watching another video on her laptop. This time around, she was getting sucked into the wildly popular viral video from WestJet… which has reached nearly 29 million views on YouTube so far!

While Veronica started getting misty-eyed over passengers receiving Christmas wish gifts at the baggage claim, Dave so eloquently pointed out that the video is not sweet… it’s a commercial!! Passengers who can afford an expensive plane ticket getting presents? Hmmmmm…

The spirit of the holidays and gift giving is obviously the point of WestJet’s video, which IS a nice gesture. But, does this new perspective change the way you look at this video?

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