Blake Shelton’s New Song ‘Doin What She Likes’ And Unkeepable New Year’s Resolution

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Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Blake Shelton has admitted often that for the past two decades he has made the same New Year’s resolution that he ends up not being able to keep.

What is the dirty little habit he can’t seem to shake? It has nothing to do with cheating like the tabloids would lead you to believe. The resolution is more in line with what most of us should do less of – swearing and drinking.

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Yep…Shelton’s 20 new old failed NYE resolution is to, “clean up his language and drink less”. FYI Blake – I can’t keep that resolution either.

Miranda Lambert freely admits “I don’t follow [Blake] on Twitter,” Miranda told Access Hollywood’s Michelle Beadle. Because of Shelton’s fondness for drunk Tweeting  you can certainly understand why she doesn’t follow her own husband on Twitter. She also states “Sometimes I’m just like unfollow him…And sometimes I’m like OK, what’s he up to today?… and “I’ll follow him again.”

Despite Shelton’s fail resolution and Lambert’s inability to handle The Voice coaches’ Twitter comments,  it’s evident that they love each other deeply.

Many believe his love songs are a good barometer of his marriage to Miranda Lambert. If they ever lose sincerity or that special sense that he’s focused on his bride, I am sure we will know something has gone horribly wrong.

Clearly that hasn’t happened because ‘Doin What She Likes’ – his fourth single from ‘Based on a True Story’ – is turning up the romantic heat.


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