Eric Paslay’s Funny Moment While Buying His Own CD

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Eric Paslay
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When Eric Paslay decided to go out and buy a copy of his own CD recently, he probably didn’t plan on having to convince the cashier that it was him on the cover! But that’s exactly what happened when he went to cash out at his local Walmart. Paslay said he bought the CD along with some coffee creamer and said “and the girl checks it out and she looks at the record and she kinda looked at me and looked at the record and put it in the bag.”

Eric didn’t let it go there. He then said “I have been probably waiting over 10 years for that record to come out.” She then said “Wow, 10 years? How did you know that?” So I then said “It’s my record.” Evidently the Walmart cashier didn’t believe Paslay because he told “Country Weekly” that she “Definitely pulled open the record and called every Walmart assistant over to see if it was really me. But it was kind of fun.”

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