Write A Song Wednesday: When I was An Ocean

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Write A Song Wednesday
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Today was the one-year anniversary of Brian Sutherland & Justin Grimes playing together on Write A Song Wednesday! We can always count on them to have a hilariously beautiful performance. Today was no exception. With acoustic guitar and cello, they turned a weird story about life under the sea into a masterpiece.

Our opening line came from Josh Thomson, whose new album “Turn It Up,” just hit stores this week!

Each Wednesday, a celebrity provides an opening line for a song. Our listeners add lyrics line by line, then a local talents turns all of it into a song! Read today’s lyrics below, then click the link to hear the final product!

Once upon a time, when I was an ocean
and a mermaid played in my waves
Neptune had the notion
to set a hurricane in motion
she hit a seahorse & now she’s in the grave
The funeral was a beautiful one
Sebastian sang the Jamaican blues
If she’d only looked twice,
it woulda saved her life
Spongebob Squarepants cried & cried

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