Write A Song Wednesday: That Night In The Trailer Park

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Good morning from Veronica, Dave & The Cledus and Dave Morning Show! Backstage for the Rascal Flatts concert at the Amp Dave & Veronica
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Jason Frilot and Adam Coovadia, of the group Freelow, were first-time musical guests on Write A Song Wednesday this morning! They brought a cool vibe to the lyrics that our listeners help put together.

Our opening line came from Leah Turner, who will open for Brad Paisley at the Amp on August 15th! Each Wednesday morning, we take an opening line from an artist or celebrity. Our listeners call in ans add lyrics, line by line. Our guest musicians then take the lyrics and put them to song!

Check out the lyrics here, then listen to the song below:

I love big hair
and how you smell like Aqua Net
That Night in the trailer park
I will never forget
They say the fire started when you lit my cigarette
Who knew Aqua Net & campfires didn’t go together?
Now I’ve got little hairs singed to the scalp
He’s got a fat lip cause I punched him in the mouth

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