Brad Paisley Joins Long List of Westboro Baptist Church-Protesting Musicians with Selfie

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Brad Paisley (Thos Robinson/Getty Images for The New Yorker)

Brad Paisley (Thos Robinson/Getty Images for The New Yorker)

Despite the loss of its patriarch Fred Phelps, Westboro Baptist Church has continued its protests of funerals, concerts and other events across the country — including, most recently, a picketing of Brad Paisley‘s concert in Kansas last weekend.

As one might expect, the country star didn’t skip out on the opportunity to make light of the situation.

In a post to his Twitter account, Paisley took a selfie in front of the protesters, one of whom is seen smiling in the background as she holds a sign vowing that “God hates drunks.”

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“Westboro Baptist Selfie!!” he tweeted. “Or west-Burro(ass) selfie. Hopefully they can hear the show out here. We’ll play loud.”


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