Dave’s FIFA World Cup Quiz

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David Ramos/Getty Images

David Ramos/Getty Images

Dave, admittedly, is not a big sports fan. He’s been sorta-kinda following the Team USA World Cup action.

However, morning show producer, Kevin, is a huuuuge fan. Kevin loves soccer so much, he recently traveled to Jacksonville to watch a match against Ghana.

In an effort to educate Dave on World Cup Soccer (the biggest sporting event in the world according to Kevin), Kev dished out one soccer fact a day for 10 days to Dave only.

This morning, Dave had to answer seven out of ten trivia questions correctly – based on the daily facts. The morning show had a dinner wager on the line!

Here are the questions: How much do YOU know? …and how did Dave do? Listen below!

Name the continent that has never won the World Cup when it has been played in South America?

What number World Cup is this?

How many World Cups have Brazil won?

Who sings the official World Cup song?

What country is the only one to play in all 20 world cups?

What is the United States best finish at a World Cup?

What is the name of the trophy the winner of the World Cup gets?

In what country was the 2010 World Cup played?

How many hosts have won the World Cup on their home soil?

What are the two countries that have won consecutive World Cup’s?


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