Top 10 Most Annoying Type of Facebook Posts

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steveaustin-headerrevised1 Steve Austin
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We all know “those people” on Facebook. The ones who clutter your feed with annoying posts.

Some people choose to unfriend them, others choose to block them, still others just scroll right by without a glance at the post.

Whichever you choose, here’s the list of what Facebook considers the most annoying:

10. Self promoter
Every post is a link to a blog/website
9. Friend padder
People with more than 1,000 “friends”
8. Town Crier
They think they have to be the first to break news
7. The TMIer
Way too many details of every little activity of the day
6. The Bad Grammarian
Spelling and grammar errors go unchecked
5. Sympathy Baiter
Tales of woe meant to manipulate the reader’s feelings
4. The Lurker
They never post, but they know all of your business
3. The Crank
Constant negative, angry posts
2. The Papparazzo
Posts pictures of you without asking
1. The Chronic Inviter
Always asking to sign a petition or get behind a cause

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