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Monster Truck Tunes of the Day!

Even major traffic slow downs are so much better when there’s good tunes cranked up on the way into work. Steve Austin had a couple of good ones turned up in his monster truck on […]


Monster Truck Tunes of the Day

Monday and rain might be the worst combination for a drive to work, but good music will always make things better. Steve Austin got in his monster truck and cranked the tunes today with music […]


Monster Truck Tunes of the Day!

Fridays are even better with great tunes to get you through that last drive to work! Steve Austin must’ve had the weekend on his mind, because he listened to Colt Ford’s “Cold One” AND Eric […]


Monster Truck Tunes of the Day

The Thursday drive to work is only okay because it means you’re just one day away from the weekend! Steve Austin made his drive even better by cranking his Monster Truck Tunes of the Day: […]


Monster Truck Tunes of the Day!

There’s nothing like a good playlist for that drive to work. Steve Austin makes sure his Monster Truck is playing some good tunes for his commute, and wants to share them with you so you […]


Goat’s Hunger Strike Reunites Him With His BFF

A donkey and a goat living in a neglected environment were rescued and sent to separate sanctuaries to live. The goat, Mr. G., became distant and wouldn’t eat and the new owners didn’t understand why. […]


Tainted Beef in Florida

Just in time for the Memorial Day weekend, the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service found tainted beef in nine different states, and is issuing a recall. 1.8 million pounds of beef could possibly be […]


‘Tanked’ Hosts Recap Their Bay Area Visit

The Animal Planet show ‘Tanked’ paid a visit to St. Pete Beach to install an enormous tank in Guy Harvey’s Outpost at the Tradewinds. The show aired last Friday night, but the hosts, Wade King […]


Good News for California Chrome

After winning the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness, California Chrome is America’s favorite horse. With the Belmont Stakes right around the corner, the Triple Crown looks to be a possibility for California Chrome. The status […]



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