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Wheel of Fortune Fail

An Indiana University freshman appearing on the game show Wheel of Fortune guesses wrong on three different puzzles and misses out on a car, $1 million, and a vacation. Familiar phrases and words eluded Julian […]


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‘Life of Archie’ Dies

Archie comics announced Archie Andrews will die in the “Life of Archie” series of comic books. The series follows Archie and the gang as they are adults, and Archie will die as the series is […]



Grandma’s First Roller Coaster Ride

78-year old Ria Van den Brand had never been on a plane or on a roller coaster. But that all changed recently. Van den Brand decided to do some “firsts” and she had some help […]


Multi Agency Exercise Responds To Contamination Incident

“Instant Karma” Driver is From Tampa

The viral video everyone is talking about shows a bad driver doing bad things and then reaping what he sowed. That driver’s name is Jeffrey Travis White and he’s facing some charges as a result […]


FanFair Country Music Festival

Top 10 Bad Country Songs That Were Big Hits

After getting a ton of fan comments from Facebook and Twitter, The Boot tallied them all and compiled a list of songs that, despite being very big hits, just seemed to rub a lot of […]


Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney Campaigns In Michigan Ahead Of State's Primary

R.I.P. Hal Douglas

You may not know his name or his face, but you certainly know his voice. Hal Douglas was an iconic movie voice over guy who’s voice could be heard in trailers for movies spanning multiple […]


File photo of the Great Bull Run. (photo: WQYK)

The Great Bull Run [Video]

An experience unlike any other, The Great Bull Run brings the Spanish tradition of the running of the bulls to Florida! Check out this video of an adrenaline rush of a lifetime as people all […]


IFA 2011 Consumer Technology Trade Fair

Massachusetts Adds New “Upskirt” Law

Although it seems it should go without saying, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick decided it’s about time to make “upskirt” camera shots illegal and he signed a bill to make it official. Taking pictures or recording […]


The American Flag blows in the wind off

World War II Veteran Gets the Respect He Deserves

Runners participating in an 8k race in San Jose, California didn’t realize they’d be getting encouragement from an American hero. But that’s what Joe Bell is…an American hero. The 95 year old is a World […]



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