Cledus T. Judd

bio cledus Cledus T. JuddWho knew a hairstyling, Georgia native, living in a double wide would turn into a well-known and respected parody singer songwriter? Coined the “Weird Al” of country music, this good-natured funny man debuted his first album in 1995 titled “Cledus T. Judd: No Relation”. He has nine albums and over two million records sold. Though he saw great success in the last 90s and early 2000s, in the late 2000s he began to lose momentum. He transferred his morning show from Tampa to Atlanta with less success. When he thought he was done with music his daughter gave him a proposal: “Okay, here’s the deal. If you wanna sing, I’ll just come to wherever you’re singing at. You’re still gonna be my daddy whether you sing or your don’t. And I’ll still come watch you sing because I think you’re funny.” In 2010 he became a member of the WQYK team. Currently he has been recognized as a major market personality, he’s gained positive momentum, and he’s currently writing like crazy in preparation for a new album. Even when he’s not making music, he’s making just about everyone he comes in contact with laugh. You can hear Cledus every weekday morning 5-10am with Dave and Veronica.


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