Dave & Veronica Race To 1K

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On your mark…Get set…GO!

Dave and Veronica are on a mission to make 1,000 new friends EACH…and we don’t mean Facebook friends. We’re talking real, face-to-face friendships that includes handshakes and hugs!

How It Works:
In order to make this challenge, challenging, we need your help! If you would like to meet Dave or Veronica simply let them know! Each week, Dave and Veronica will randomly select entries and visit YOU! Remember, they’re on a mission to make 1,000 new friends so the more people they can meet at your place of business, the better.  Please make sure when submitting to tell us your PLACE OF BUSINESS, ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, and the BEST TIME OF DAY TO VISIT.

If you’d like a visit from VERONICA send your request to: Vgirl@wqyk.com

If you’d like a visit from DAVE send your request to: Dmckay@wqyk.com

The Race To 1K kicks off on May 3. You can tune into Dave and Veronica weekdays from 5a – 10a to hear their stories and track their progress. You can also check back on the WQYK website for up to date information on how they are doing, stories about who they have met, and of course photos of their new friends!

They have each taken a 31 day challenge to see who can win the race by making 1,000 new friends first! Help them reach their goal by nominating your office, church, child’s classroom, or anywhere else you’d like them to go today!




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