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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Monday 11/3/14

Cathy was Veronica first opponent of the week and she is a teacher at Explorer K-8. Veronica watched the Nik Wallenda tight rope walk above the city streets of Chicago last night and one of […]


Food Fund November

Dave & Veronica’s Food Fund… Help Feed Local Families!

Once again, Dave & Veronica are helping put food on the table for families in need in the Tampa Bay Area. It’s the 2nd Annual “Dave & Veronica’s Food Fund!” Each Friday in the month […]


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Dave & Veronica’s Soldier Salute: Pete Kolnicki

Kiki wanted to salute her good friend, Navy reservist Pete Kolnicki. Pete was Kiki’s SRO in high school, and he has been a mentor to her ever since. He is currently stationed in Cuba. Check […]


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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Friday 10/31/14

Chris was Veronica’s opponent this morning and Chris heard the Cheat Sheet. The Cheat Sheet is at 4:30 every afternoon where Steve Austin gives two free answers to the following games game. Find out if […]


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Dave & Veronica’s Soldier Salute: BarbaraLynn Peretti & William Smallsey

Debbie called in this morning to talk about her son and daughter, who both serve in the military! Daughter Barbaralynn Peretti had wanted to join the Coast Guard since high school. She’s been serving for […]


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Sam Hunt’s Relationship Status? “It’s Complicated”

Veronica was swooning all over her “new crush,” Sam Hunt. His debut album, ‘Montevallo,’ just hit stores and, according to V, it’s amaaaaaaazing. Check out Dave & Veronica’s interview with Sam Hunt below. They start […]


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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Thursday 10/30/14

Mariana called and wanted to play Veronica in the game. Dave told Mariana his mother’s name is also Mariana and she said that knew that because she has heard Dave’s mom talk about Crock Pot […]



Audio: A 25 year-old Dave McKay Prank Calls As Rambo

In honor of Throwback Thursday, we unearthed some classic audio from when Dave was 25 years old! He was living in Buffalo at the time and liked to prank-call the popular morning show there. Armed […]



Write A Song Wednesday: My Girlfriend Is A Werewolf

Zack Biss’ official title on the Dave & Veronica Show is “The Pride of Canterbury.” On today’s Write A Song Wednesday, Zack proved why he’s the pride (and will probably be expelled for his association […]


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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Wednesday 10/29/14

Kristen called in this morning and she is a claims adjuster. Kristen also has a 3-year-old and our consolation prize is a 4 pack of tickets to the Barnum and Baily Circus and Disney On […]



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