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Write A Song Wednesday: My Girlfriend Is A Werewolf

Zack Biss’ official title on the Dave & Veronica Show is “The Pride of Canterbury.” On today’s Write A Song Wednesday, Zack proved why he’s the pride (and will probably be expelled for his association […]


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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Wednesday 10/29/14

Kristen called in this morning and she is a claims adjuster. Kristen also has a 3-year-old and our consolation prize is a 4 pack of tickets to the Barnum and Baily Circus and Disney On […]


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Dave & Veronica’s Soldier Salute: Austin Story

Today’s salute went to both a soldier and his wife who called in to praise him. US Army SSgt Austin Story has served for 11 years. In that time frame, he’s been deployed a few […]


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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Tuesday 10/28/14

Lisa took on Veronica this morning and she lives in Brooksville. Dave asked her if she had ever been The Crossroads, which is the oldest bar in Hernando County. She said she not been there. […]


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Dave & Veronica’s Soldier Salute: PFC Morrison-Price

Carolyn called to salute her son, Marine PFC Morrison-Price. She is proud of him for being an honor grad! Click below to hear this Soldier Salute.


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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Monday 10/27/14

Janet called in to be Veronica’s first opponent of the week and she was on her way to Naples for her job. Janet is a home stager and was staging furniture in model homes this […]


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Toby Keith Talks About “Drunk Americans” Making Red Solo Cups Huge!

Toby Keith is celebrating a new single, “Drunk Americans!” Dave and Veronica caught up with Toby this morning. Right off the bat, Dave put his special order in with Toby for some of his signature […]


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Dave & Veronica’s Soldier Salute: Kyle Allen

Amber called to salute her Navy brother, Kyle Allen! It’s such a sweet sister-to-brother salute! Click below to hear Amber tell the story of what happened to make her a little nervous when he was […]


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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Thursday 10/23/14

Ariana is a first grade teacher at Orange Ridge Elementary School in Bradenton and she was Veronica’s opponent this morning. Find out is Ariana can beat Veronica at her own game. 1. Finish the title […]



Write A Song Wednesday: The Governor Munster Jam

Billy McKnight & Soul Circus Cowboys were our featured performers on Write A Song Wednesday! On the heels of “Fangate” at the second governors’ debate, Billy came up with the opening line “Charlie Crist likes […]



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