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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Thursday 9/11/14

Ruth took on Veronica this morning and Ruth works for Disabled American Veterans and she had some of them with her in the van. Ruth also is a novice treasure hunter, where she goes different [...]


(photo of Mike Fiore used with permission from Steve Cunningham)

NYC Firefighter Steve Cunningham Shares His 9/11 Tribute

On this 13th anniversary of the September 11th attacks on America, Dave and Veronica spoke with friend and New York City firefighter Steve Cunningham. Dave met Steve nearly 13 years ago, right after 9/11, during [...]



Write A Song Wednesday: The Smothered & Covered Rap

On this Write A Song Wednesday, Zack “The Pride of Canterbury” Biss brought along WASW first timer Rebekah Reid! Veronica was excited because Rebekah goes to school at V’s alma mater, Osceola High. Teenagers Zack [...]



Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Wednesday 9/10/14

Jordan called in this morning and wanted to take on Veronica. Jordan told us that she plays the game in her car and does pretty good most of the time. Can Jordan do well when [...]


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Dave & Veronica’s Soldier Salute: Ryan Williams & Dmitry Delcastillo

Tim, who served in the Air Force, called in to salute his son and a friend. Tim’s son, Ryan Williams, has been in the Army for 3 years. He joined because the military is a [...]


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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Tuesday 9/9/14

Nikki called in to take on Veronica in the College of Hollywood Knowledge. Nikki moved to the Tampa Bay area from San Francisco about a year ago and she works at a plumbing wholesale distribution [...]


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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Friday 9/8/14

Polly was Veronica’s opponent this morning and Polly is a supervisor for Ole Mexican foods. Polly also told us that she has five grandchildren. Polly wanted to have Veronica start the week off on a [...]


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Dave & Veronica’s Soldier Salute: Wayne Weathers

Troy called in a Soldier Salute this morning for several members of his family. His grandfather, dad, and uncles all served in the military… a few of them earning bronze stars. Click below to hear [...]


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Dave & Veronica’s Soldier Salute: Bill Rourke & Matthew Cunningham

Rhonda had a dual Soldier Salute this morning… for her father and her son! Rhonda’s father, Bill Rourke, served 20 years in the Air Force. He joined at the age of 17 and was sent [...]


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Dave & Veronica’s Soldier Salute: Eric Lord

Taylor called to to give praise to her husband-to-be! Her fiance, Eric Lord, serves in the US Navy. They started out as best friends in high school. He is now an aviation machinist stationed in [...]



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