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Dave & Veronica’s Soldier Salute: Ralph, John & Michael Hackney

Sonya Bryson, who serves in our nation’s military, wanted to send a Soldier Salute to a special group of men… her three uncles. Her father’s brothers… Ralph, John and Michael. Sonya also shares details of [...]


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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Monday 8/18/14

Phil called in this morning and was Veronica’s opponent this morning. Phil told us on the air that this was his first time calling WQYk and he happened to get through to play. Find out [...]


Randy Houser

Dave & Veronica Give Randy Houser A Wake Up Call!

Randy Houser is opening up for Brad Paisley at he Mid Florida Credit Union Amphitheater! The crew played in Atlanta last night… and this morning, Dave & Veronica welcomed Randy Houser to Tampa Bay by [...]


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Dave & Veronica’s Soldier Salute: 6th Force Support Squadron

This morning’s Soldier Salute came to us from MacDill Air Force Base! Anthony Cruz wanted to send a salute out to a hard working crew… the 6th Force Support Squadron. It includes Captain Lao, Master [...]


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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Friday 8/15/14

Veronica is going skydiving for the first time in her life and doesn’t want a loss hanging over her head when she goes. Maria was Veronica’s opponent this morning and she was on her way [...]


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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Thursday 8/14/14

Rachel called in this morning and she was so excited that she got to the play the game. If you are thinking about playing the game make sure you check out the cheat sheet with [...]



Write A Song Wednesday: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That

Musician Jesse Allan is no stranger to Write A Song Wednesday. He has performed numerous times with Camille Dupree & Broken Fetters on the show! This morning, Jesse brought along WASW newbie, Aubrey Wollett. They [...]


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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Wednesday 8/13/14

Veronica has been getting really close calls lately and even lost, but Karalee called in and she was confident that she was going to do well. Karalee works at Duke Energy and wants to hand [...]



Fox 13’s Charley Belcher Shares Personal Story About Robin Williams

When the news broke of the passing of legendary actor/comedian Robin Williams, it came as a sad surprise to many of us. Immediately, we recall the many memories and movies, both funny and touching, that [...]


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Dave & Veronica’s Soldier Salute: Paul Stanton

Terri gave a sweet salute to her “little brother” this morning. Captain Paul Stanton, US Navy Ret, is a Navy diver who served for 30 years before retiring. She explains how he has traveled to [...]



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