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11th Annual Leigh Dittman Shriners Charity Event

The 11th Annual Leigh Dittman Shriners Charity Event is happening this Saturday evening! It’ll feature food, drinks, raffle prizes, and both live & silent auctions! The event is free to attend and all proceeds go [...]



Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Wednesday 9/17/14

Yvonne called in this morning and she knows Veronica, which makes her want to beat her even more. Yvonne is a volunteer recruiter for Guardian Ad Litem and has kids and grandkids. Find out if [...]



Write A Song Wednesday: It’s Still Pouring Outside

Our buddy, Justin Grimes, was the talent for this Write A Song Wednesday. Thanks to the rainy weather, he ran just a hair late… leaving Producer Kevin to come up with this morning’s opening line, [...]


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$220 Cash Winner In Dave & Veronica’s 5 @ 8:25!

Each weekday morning, Dave & Veronica bring you the 5 @ 8:25. It’s five local questions… answer them all correctly, you win the jackpot! Jackpot starts at $100. Answer one wrong, we start from scratch [...]



Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Tuesday 9/16/14

Tonya was Veronica’s opponent this morning and it was a game to remember. Tonya got three queations correct and Veronica got only one of the first questions right. Veronica has to get the last two [...]


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Dave & Veronica’s Soldier Salute: Sean Sprague

This morning’s Soldier Salute is from a mom whose baby has left the nest for the first time. She’s incredibly proud, yet a little emotional… as you would expect a mom to be!! Sean Sprague [...]


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Dave & Veronica’s Soldier Salute: Crystal Newman

Sean Newman, who also serves in the military, wanted to salute his wife. (So sweet!!) Army Staff Sargeant Crystal Newman has dedicated more than ten years to her service! Click below to listen to this [...]


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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Monday 9/15/14

Marcus called in this morning to be Veronica’s first opponent of the week and he is an auto mechanic at Amoco in Largo. Find out if Veronica can keep her winning streak alive or can [...]


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Dustin Lynch Shares How He Embarrassingly Hurt Himself With A Phone

Dave & Veronica talked to Dustin Lynch this morning. It’s a good thing Dustin has a sense of humor because, right off the bat, Dave got in his grill about… well, his grill!! Dustin is [...]


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Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge: Friday 9/12/14

Mike called in and was Veronica’s opponent this morning. Mike told us that he works for Hillsborough County Law Enforcement. Find out if Mike can beat Veronica to start Veronica’s weekend off on the wrong [...]



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