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Woman Thief Busts Herself on Facebook

An Illinois woman who robbed a small boutique was a little too anxious to show her acquired goods to all her virtual friends, and it cost her. Danielle Sexton was caught on surviellance camera running [...]

13 hours ago

Two Fantastic Favorites Combine for One Delicious Dish

Three California friends on a road trip to San Francisco may have unwittingly invented a food craze out of sheer cravings. While discussing what to eat on their drive, Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits were [...]

15 hours ago

WWII U-Boat Discovered in Gulf of Mexico

After searching for a month, the same team who discovered the sunken Titanic discovered the first Nazi U-Boat to sink in the Gulf of Mexico. The WWII boat named U-166, killed 25 after sinking three [...]


Man Gets Horrible Customer Service When Trying to Cancel Service

When a man and his wife made plans to move, they decided to switch cable and internet providers. But trying to cancel their old service proved to be a bit of a problem. Ryan Block [...]


Kenny Chesney Announces Free Concert

After a year in the studio making a new album, Kenny Chesney says he needs to get back in touch with his fans. Chesney announced he will play a free beach show at Flora-Bama, located [...]


Erin Andrews Replaces Pam Oliver on Fox Sidelines

After 20 years, Pam Oliver is stepping off the sidelines and into a different role for Fox. Erin Andrews has been named the new sideline reporter for the popular sports network. Without saying anything negative [...]


Woman at Brad Paisley Concert Claims Breastfeeding Got Her Kicked Out

A San Diego woman attending a Brad Paisley concert feels she was discriminated against when she was asked to leave her seat in the pit. Megan Christopherson was breastfeeding her 4-month old daughter when she [...]


Body Falls Out of Coroner’s Van

A Pennsylvania coroner is responsible for losing a body out of its van in busy traffic. The body was laying on a gurney when the back door malfunctioned and the body fell out of the [...]


Tampa Man Wanted for “Skimming” ATM’s

A white male has been caught on video using green tape and white two-sided tape to attach skimming devices, used to steal the information on people’s debit cards, to multiple ATM’s in the Tampa Bay [...]


Top 10 Most Annoying Type of Facebook Posts

We all know “those people” on Facebook. The ones who clutter your feed with annoying posts. Some people choose to unfriend them, others choose to block them, still others just scroll right by without a [...]