Steve Austin

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Kenny Chesney, Country Music and Women!

Kenny Chesney is not thrilled about the way country music has been treating women in recent years! Kenny, now 46 is not thrilled with “Bro Country” He says that ” in the last few years […]


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New Planet Similar To Earth Found!

We have heard a lot about finding an Earth like planet in our galaxy and yesterday NASA found one that could be close! Named Kepler-186f  the planet is similar to Earth in size and the […]


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Woman 111 Years Old And What’s Her Favorite Invention?

A Virginia woman turned 111 on 11/11! Her name is Rosa Beckner and the invention that impresses her the most? Her answer is the telephone! At one time she says you could call one person […]


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Veteran Pays for Soldiers Stuff!

In Swansea, Illinois we are reminded that good people still walk the earth! This morning a veteran paying for his coffee noticed about twenty servicemen and women were in line behind him. He then makes […]


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Freebies For Veterans Today!

Since I come from a huge military family let me say a big thank you to all who served! Here are some free offers for veterans today! You must show a military ID to receive the […]


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Garth Stops Show For Fan With Cancer

Country music stars are known for their big hearts, but no heart is bigger than Garth Brooks! At his show the other night in Minneapolis Garth stopped his show to sing to a very special […]



Man To Be Swollowed By Anaconda On Purpose!!!

Well this is new even for reality TV!  Paul Rosalie will slip into a specially designed suit covered in pigs blood and allow himself to be swallowed by a giant anaconda live on television! The […]


Steve Austin

Florida Wild Hog Adventure!!

This past Saturday a cool and windy day in Florida, my son and I went on a hog hunting adventure just north of Ft. Myers! We were the guests of Tom Walker owner of “Florida […]


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Scientist From Area 51 Says Aliens Exist On His Death Bed!!

Boyd Bushman A respected scientist and holder of many patents who worked at Area 51 passed away Aug. 7th. But, before dying gave an interview in which he said aliens do indeed exist! Bushman said […]


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Tech Hacks that Will Make Life Better!

So your headed out tonight in search of candy and you want to know if your flashlight batteries are still good! Drop them on a table from about six inches. If they give one small […]



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