Steve Austin

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Wheel of Fortune Fail

An Indiana University freshman appearing on the game show Wheel of Fortune guesses wrong on three different puzzles and misses out on a car, $1 million, and a vacation. Familiar phrases and words eluded Julian [...]


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Bully Gets His Just Rewards

A man in Ohio who bullied his neighbor and her handicapped children got an usual punishment. Edmond Aviv harassed his neighbor with racial slurs and insults for 15 years, but it all ended Sunday when [...]


Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Champions Attend Official Weigh-In

Joey Chestnut Competes in Lakeland

The Florida Ice Cream Festival is this weekend and Joey Chestnut wants to defend his title. The reigning Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating champ also holds the record for eating the most ice cream in the [...]


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‘Life of Archie’ Dies

Archie comics announced Archie Andrews will die in the “Life of Archie” series of comic books. The series follows Archie and the gang as they are adults, and Archie will die as the series is [...]



Grandma’s First Roller Coaster Ride

78-year old Ria Van den Brand had never been on a plane or on a roller coaster. But that all changed recently. Van den Brand decided to do some “firsts” and she had some help [...]


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Buccaneers Preseason Schedule Announced

The official 2014 NFL season kicks off in Canton, Ohio August 3rd with the Hall of Fame Game when the Buffalo Bills take on the New York Giants. The NFL released the official preseason schedule [...]


Mother Mimi Fery Who Received Message In A Bottle From Deceased Daughter

Message Found 101 Years Later

A fisherman found a message in a bottle in the Baltic Sea a month a go…a century after it was put in the water. Richard Platz found a postcard in the bottle that requested the [...]


Close-up Of Mars

Mars in “Opposition”

Opposition is a term used to describe when a planet lies directly opposite the sun in Earth’s sky. It’s rare, and it’s happening tonight. The planet Mars, Earth, and the sun will all be in [...]


File photo of Mickey Rooney (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Mickey Rooney, Sir Bob Geldoff’s Daughter, and John Pinett Dead

The old saying when a celebrity dies is that it happens “in 3′s.” This weekend proved to support that theory. Legendary actor Mickey Rooney passed away Sunday in California at the age of 93. Rooney’s [...]


BYU v Kansas State

NCAA Tournament Championship Game Tonight!

It’s been a bracket-busting NCAA Tournament season, but it’s not over yet! In a shocking turn of events, the two teams battling for the title are 7 and 8 seeds which should make for an [...]