Steve Austin

Missing Boy Found…In Dad’s Basement

A Detroit father took to television for help in finding his missing son. The 12-year old boy was missing for ten days, and the local police were on the case when he was found. Behind [...]


World Cup Fever Continues: USA Advances With a Little Help

The USA Men’s Soccer Team’s chances in Group G, know as the Group of Death, were slim to nil at the beginning of the World Cup. But in true American style, the USMNT proved all [...]


Miranda Lambert: “I’m a bad role model.”

Miranda Lambert says she’s got tattoos, she swears, and and she drinks. And she doesn’t claim to be a good role model. She got her first tattoos, two colt .45’s and wings, without asking her [...]


Moron Moment of the Day: Thief Busted By Facebook

A Minnesota man’s plan to rob a house was going well until he decided he needed to check his Facebook. Nicholas Wig was in the process of stealing credit cards, cash, and a watch when [...]


World Cup 2014: Uruguay vs Italy Takes an Ugly Turn

In an intense afternoon match, Uruguay and Italy battled it out on the field for the chance to stay in the World Cup action. Uruguay’s Luis Suarez took things a little too far when he [...]


A Little Girl’s Request to Google Gets Surprising Result

A father’s job at Google was keeping Katie from seeing him so Katie decided to take action. Katie put crayon to paper and asked for a day off for her dad because, according to Katie, [...]


Do You Know the Latest Twitter Lingo?

The FBI has compiled an 83-page glossary of 3,000 terms most commonly used on Twitter and Facebook in hopes of understanding more clearly any potential crimes being discussed on the internet. Steve Austin gave Monika [...]


Moron Moment of the Day: Man Thinks Driver is an Alien

An Arkansas man was arrested for driving while intoxicated and disorderly conduct, all as a result for harassing a couple he believed to be driving around in a spaceship. James Bushart followed the couple around [...]


World Cup Fever!

The 2014 FIFA World Cup festivities have been nothing less than exciting, and today’s match was no exception. Uruguay pulled ahead from a 1-1 tie with a goal in the 85th minute. England wasn’t able [...]


Soldier Wants His Dog Back

A soldier had to say goodbye to his beloved dog after getting deployed overseas, but it turns out it was more of a goodbye than he thought. After he left, Robert Gabbert found out his [...]