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Curiosity Rover Spots “Thigh Bone” on Mars

Earlier this month, a picture of what some are calling a “fossilized thigh bone” was captured by the rover Curiosity on Mars. NASA neither confirmed or denied if it was, in fact, a thigh bone [...]


Caught on Video: Grouper Swallowing Shark

A fisherman in Bonita Springs, Florida was out on his boat trying to get a good catch when he witnessed a Goliath grouper eat a 4-foot shark. After being on the water for a while [...]


Study Shows Larger Weddings Lead to Longer Marriages

A study out of the University of Virginia suggests the number of guests at a wedding is directly related to how long the marriage will last. For five years, “The Marriage Project” studied 418 people [...]


NFL Wants Money from Halftime Artists

The 2015 Superbowl halftime show act is still undecided, and the NFL has decided to change things up this year. The NFL has approached several artists, Coldplay, Rhianna, and Katy Perry, for a portion of [...]


Sharknado 2 To Be Shown in Bay Area Movie Theaters

If your tv screen just wasn’t big enough to watch Sharknado 2: The Second One, you’re in luck. Certain Bay area movie theaters will show the Syfy Channel favorite Thursday night. 8:00pm showings of Ian [...]


Corona Recalling Some Bottles

The company that imports Corona has a recall on specific packages of Corona Extra bottles because some might contain small pieces of glass. If you have recently bought 12-ounce clear glass bottles in a six-pack, [...]


Hormel Makes Motorcycle That Runs on Bacon

In an effort to promote the International Bacon Film Festival, Hormel Foods, with the help of an advertising agency, is having a bacon-fueled motorcycle travel from Austin, Minnesota to San Diego, California. The bacon grease [...]


Man Steals Sea Turtle Eggs

A St. Lucie County man was arrested for stealing nearly 300 sea turtle eggs, and it wasn’t his first time. James Odel McGriff was busted after a tip came into the Florida Fish and Wildlife [...]


Alabama Hunters Get a Record-Breaking Gator

A group of hunters in Camden, Alabama were ready for alligator season, but they didn’t know they’d get such a giant gator. Alabama Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries officially listed the gator at 15 feet long [...]


Olympians Charlie White & Meryl Davis get Booed by NASCAR Fans

Ice dancing Olympians Charlie White and Meryl Davis had the honor of officially starting the Pure Michigan 400 Sunday, but fans were not impressed. Both skaters are from Michigan and were handed the mic to [...]



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