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“She’s Going Places” A Tribute To Caylee Anthony, Buy The Song Here

Cledus T. Judd wrote a song called “She’s Going Places,” the song has touched so many people, it even touched Nancy Grace from HLN that she played it during her show.


Cledus’ Caylee Song Draws TV Attention

Sarina Fazan, from ABC Action News, came by the radio station and talked to Cledus about the song he wrote for Caylee Anthony. 


St. Pete Girl on Jeopardy

Emma Johnson, a middle schooler from St. Petersburg, will be on Jeopardy tonight at 7:30 on ABC Action News. 


Meals On Wheels Helps For Hurricane Season

Meals on Wheels of Tampa delivers hot, nutritious meals to our homebound recipients in the Tampa Bay area. These folks have difficulty leaving their homes, and often cannot shop or cook for themselves. So, how […]


Fans Reaction To The Charlie Sheen Tour In Tampa

Charlie Sheen was in Tampa this past Friday and here is what the fans that went to the show thought about it. Take a look.


Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

We talked about our favorite television commercials including Faith Hill’s. 


Denis Phillips Update 2/1/11

Denis Phillips, from ABC Action News, called in to talk about the awful weather throughout the country. 


Denis Phillips Update 1/25/11

Denis Phillips, from ABC Action News, called in to tell us about the bad weather coming on this Tuesday, January 25. 


ABC Action News “Dirty Dining”

Today we talked about ABC Action News and their Dirty Dining segment. Take a listen.


Angelus Christmas Pageant

ABC Action News recently featured a story about The Angelus’ Christmas pageant.





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