‘Big Bang Theory’ Big Payday

The hit sit-com “Big Bang Theory” is set to be around for at least a few more years, and with the same cast, after new salary deals were put in place. Lead actors Jim Parsons, […]


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Kim Kardashian And Other Celebrities New Favorite Cars Are Bullet And Paparazzi Proof

The newest trend in Hollywood is bullet and paparazzi proof cars for celebrities and their families. All over tinsel town celebs can be seen driving amour luxury cars that are not only bullet and bomb-proof but also have electrified door handles.


betty white and jimmy fallon

Who’s The Most Trusted Person In Hollywood

Veronica gave us her daily dose of the Celebrity Squeeze, including the topics, Betty White, Jesse James and Kat Von Deese, & more.


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Jersey Shore Asked Not To Wear Abercrombie And Fitch

Veronica gave us her daily dose of the Celebrity Squeeze, it included the topics, Jersey Shore, Kim Kardashian, & more.


Charlie Sheen To Coach Aspen Actors

Charlie Sheen will serve part of his jail sentence at a theater in Aspen.



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