Nickelodeon at the 84th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Huntsman Spider Found in Backpack

Nora Serrat returned from a trip in Cameroon, Africa where she was working in a rain forest and found an unwelcome surprise in her backpack. A giant Huntsman spider crawled out of Serrat’s backpack after […]


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Secret In Granny’s Attic

Take a listen to Steve tell you about what a boy found in his granny’s attic and it wasn’t Christmas decorations.  


Photo credit Jose CABEZAS/AFP/GettyImages

I Survived Being Swallowed By a Hippo

Steve tells us about a man who survived being swallowed by a Hippo.


Lisa Rose/Disney Parks via Getty Images

Five Things We Learned About Brad Paisley During His Web Chat

Brad loves to travel, going to eight countries for the “Southern Comfort Zone” video shoot. And his favorite color is…well, not a real color.


Steve Grunwald (R) cow shopping for Brad Paisley in Africa

Rascal Flatts Joining Brad Paisley In Buying Cows For Kenya’s Masai Tribe

Brad Paisley isn’t the only country star who’s dealing in cows these days. Now the boys in Rascal Flatts are stepping up and getting into the action as well. As previously reported, Brad is purchasing a cow for the […]


Steve Grunwald, ‘Brad Paisley’ and the Masai Tribe

Brad Paisley Is Buying A Cow For Africa’s Masai Tribe

Morning show stunt gone haywire? Nope, it’s for real. Brad is “totally game” to buy the Kenya tribe a cow, which will be delivered in person by Detroit personality Steve Grunwald. The cow’s name? “Paisley,” of course.


Impossible Question

  Q.  Researchers have wondered for years why appendicitis is relatively rare in places like Africa & Asia, while in the United States it’s extremely common.  It could be because people in those places eat […]



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