Southwest Airlines Wants To Charge You To Get On First

Southwest Airlines used to subtly nickle and dime you with hidden fees- now they have taken a more aggressive approach to get more money out of you per flight. They tempt you with conveniences and privileges that used to be free.


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

Delta Crushes Man’s Valuable Guitar

A man went on a flight and wanted to bring his very valuable vintage guitar and even offered to buy a seat for the guitar.  Delta declined his offer for the guitar to have its […]


This Flight Bites

A man on a flight felt a sting on his elbow and when he saw what stung him he was shocked. 


Funny Richard Simmons Safety Video

Finally! An airline safety video people will actually pay attention to. Air New Zealand has hired Richard Simmons to star in their pre-flight video.


Fly Cheap

JetBlue has a great deal going on now and you could travel the country cheaply. 



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