HUGE Asteroid Passes By Earth This Weekend

If you have a telescope and are near New Zealand this weekend, you might be able to witness a recently-discovered, large asteroid. NASA is reporting 20214 RC (R-C) will pass by earth about 25, 000 […]


European Space Agency Captures Images Of Asteroid Lutetia

Huge Asteroid Flys By Earth Caught On Video

It’s amazing what technology can do these days. Earlier this week the giant asteroid 4179 Toutatis was caught on video tumbling through space on its flight past Earth. Toutatis never posed a threat to Earth […]



Asteroid Comes Tonight at 6:28

The asteroid named, 2005 YU55, will pass between the moon and the earth tonight. 


Near Miss Asteroid

An asteroid will come close to Earth this afternoon, but it is no threat to the planet. 



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