Hormel Makes Motorcycle That Runs on Bacon

In an effort to promote the International Bacon Film Festival, Hormel Foods, with the help of an advertising agency, is having a bacon-fueled motorcycle travel from Austin, Minnesota to San Diego, California. The bacon grease […]


File photo of bacon for sale. (photo: PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images)

Bacon Prices To Spike!

I was online last night when I saw a story about bacon prices going up. As I read, I thought to myself – I love bacon, I need to find out more! If you’ve been […]


A Microwave Oven

Workplace Microwave No-No’s

Busy schedules and appointments keep us in the office for lunch most workdays. Sandwiches get boring, so heating up some leftovers is a nice change of pace. But there are some universal dishes that should […]


(Photo courtesy: J&D's Foods)

It TASTES Good, But Does it SMELL Good?

J&D’s newest product is a deodorant called Power Bacon. Their slogan? “For when you sweat like a pig.” The company claims if you put enough on your underarm, the scent will be resemble bacon and, […]


Photo Courtesy of Getty Images

The Secret To Life…Bacon

A woman, who is 105-years-old, has discovered the secret to life and she says it is eating bacon everyday.  Steve Austin discusses if this could be true.


National Day of Bacon and Ribs

Saturday is national day of bacon and ribs and you can celebrate this at your house. 


Bacon Bits

Everything goes so good with bacon, even chocolate, but you may be paying more for the thrill. 



So why didn’t I think of that?



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