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The Cheapest Places To Have A Drink!

The cheapest place to catch a buzz is Baton Rouge Louisiana followed by Oklahoma City, Omaha, and Buffalo! The most expensive cities to have a drink are New York City, Anchorage, and Pittsburgh. The most […]


Moron Moment: Man Calls 911 Because Wife Throws Out His Beer

A West Palm Beach man wasn’t happy when his wife threw away his beer so he took matters into his own hands. Carlos Bueno Mir decided to call 911 to report his wife’s brew disposal, […]


Leading Brands On Show At The Great British Beer Festival

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

In celebration of the Irish holiday designated for drinking, a list of America’s favorite beers is in order. A recent study had men and women rank beers as either negative (better) or positive (good) and […]


Photo by: Jorge Mendibur/CBS Tampa

Luke Bryan Drinking And Driving Legally?

When most people are seen or nabbed drinking and driving, it’s illegal, right? Well, when TMZ posted a picture of Luke Bryan driving his truck in Tennessee with a beer in his hand, everything turned […]


Jason Aldean

Video: Jason Aldean’s Coors Light Commercial

Jason Aldean first tried out his acting chops on a feature film, now it’s a beer commercial. The country star’s first commercial as spokesperson for Coors Light has been released.


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Wild St. Partick’s Day Weekend Parades, Parties, Festivals

Hang on tight Tampa Bay, not only is it spring break, it’s also Kenny Chesney concert weekend, and St. Patrick’s Day party time! Our own Irish party animal Barbara Ann gives you the lowdown on the best parties to paint the town green.


Toby Keith

Toby Keith Explains His Inspiration Behind ‘I Like Girls That Drink Beer’

He also talks about shooting the song’s video, saying “that’s what our crowd looks like every night.”


Toby Keith

Toby Keith ‘Like[s] Girls That Drink Beer’ On Video, Too

Women and fizzy malt beverages feature prominently in Toby Keith’s new music video, which takes his latest party anthem, “I Like Girls That Drink Beer,” and turns it into, well, a party.


Bottles of beer are seen at the producti

5 Ways To Open A Beer Without A Beer Opener [Video]

Here’s a video that’ll help you kick off your weekend! Time to get those beers out and start drinkin’. But what happens if you don’t have a beer opener…what would you do for a beer? […]


Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean Changes Song Lyrics To Accomodate Beer Sponsorship

In his new single, “Take a Little Ride,” Jason Aldean sings the praises of a certain Texas beer. Or, at least he did–until he changed the lyric this week, due to a new endorsement deal.




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