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Scientists Say That Bigfoot is Real

Texas scientists has done genetic testing and has determined that Bigfoot is a relative of human beings through a DNA study.  The team of scientists have been doing research for five years and have come […]


The 2012 ESPY Awards - Arrivals

Bigfoot Spotted In Ohio [Video]

So it seems Bigfoot has yet again made another appearance in Ohio, and of course there is footage of it. Some are saying that the video is actually real but other are saying that it’s […]


Dining With Bigfoot

The TV show, Finding Bigfoot, is on the Animal Planet and caused a conversation between Steve and Kevin on the subject of Bigfoot. 


Another Bigfoot Sighting

A man in North Carolina is claiming that he has video of a “Bigfoot” walking across a road. 


Bigfoot Back?

Tim Peeler, the guy who saw Bigfoot in North Carolina, says he saw him again.  Click the more button. 


Bigfoot Strikes Again

We have another Bigfoot story! Check out Steve talking about the most recent bigfoot sighting.  



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