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Mayor Bob Buckhorn13

Veronica’s College Of Hollywood Knowledge With Tampa Mayor, Bob Buckhorn

Veronica took on Tampa Mayor, Bob Buckhorn in Veronica’s College of Hollywood Knowledge, the questions that were asked to Veronica and Mayor Buckhorn are listed below, take a look at the questions and see if […]


Mayor Bob Buckhorn13

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn Talks About The RNC Convention

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn talk to us this morning on the WQYK morning show. We talked about the RNC. He gives information regarding the 24 hour information line for residents…. anything to do around the […]



Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn Talks St. Patrick’s Day

Tampa Mayor, Bob Buckhorn, called in to Cledus, Dave and Veronica to talk about the River ‘O Green happening on St. Patrick’s Day.  


Super Bowl XLV

Bob Buckhorn Talks About The 2015 Superbowl

Tampa Mayor, Bob Buckhorn, called the show today to talk about Tampa’s chances at getting the Superbowl in 2015.


Tampa Mayoral Race

The Tampa mayor’s race has another candidate. Find out who is adding their name to the race on the next page .



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