Dierks Bentley (Christopher Polk/Getty Images)

Dierks Bentley Surprise Performance In Fresno (Watch)

Watch Dierks Bentley in this “pop up” concert in Fresno, California


Hormel Makes Motorcycle That Runs on Bacon

In an effort to promote the International Bacon Film Festival, Hormel Foods, with the help of an advertising agency, is having a bacon-fueled motorcycle travel from Austin, Minnesota to San Diego, California. The bacon grease […]


Two Fantastic Favorites Combine for One Delicious Dish

Three California friends on a road trip to San Francisco may have unwittingly invented a food craze out of sheer cravings. While discussing what to eat on their drive, Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits were […]


The Most Generous U.S. Cities

While most Americans tend to be giving in nature, a recent survey ranked the Top 10 Most Generous Cities out of 265 with populations over 100,000. Here is the complete list: 10. San Francisco, California […]


By: Mark Kolbe
Getty Images

Most Stressful States to Live In

According to the real estate blog Movoto, the state you live in could be a factor in your stress level. Movoto took into consideration the percentage of the population with a commute over 20 minutes; […]



Stowaway Survives Flight to Hawaii

A teenage boy from Santa Clara, California, got in an argument with his family and decided to runaway. He chose the wheel well of an airplane on its way to Hawaii as the method. For […]


File photo of Mickey Rooney (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

Mickey Rooney, Sir Bob Geldoff’s Daughter, and John Pinett Dead

The old saying when a celebrity dies is that it happens “in 3’s.” This weekend proved to support that theory. Legendary actor Mickey Rooney passed away Sunday in California at the age of 93. Rooney’s […]


The American Flag blows in the wind off

World War II Veteran Gets the Respect He Deserves

Runners participating in an 8k race in San Jose, California didn’t realize they’d be getting encouragement from an American hero. But that’s what Joe Bell is…an American hero. The 95 year old is a World […]


Palestinian students celebrate during th

Woman Proves…It’s Never Too Late

Hazel Soares graduated high school in 1932, but never found the time to go to college after the Great Depression and raising a large family. But in 2010 that all changed. Soares enrolled in Mills […]


A vintage Lambretta awaits further resto

Man and Bike Reunited after 46 Years

Donald DeVault reported his 1953 Triumph Tiger 100 stolen from his fenced in backyard back in 1967. He got it returned to him yesterday. The vintage motorcycle was set to be shipped from California to […]




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