Workers Prepare For Chicago Auto Show

Most Dependable/Least Dependable Cars

J.D. Power has released their lists of the most dependable cars as well as the least dependable cars, and apparently car owners are having more problems with transmissions and engines than in previous years. The […]


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Kim Kardashian And Other Celebrities New Favorite Cars Are Bullet And Paparazzi Proof

The newest trend in Hollywood is bullet and paparazzi proof cars for celebrities and their families. All over tinsel town celebs can be seen driving amour luxury cars that are not only bullet and bomb-proof but also have electrified door handles.


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Most Popular Cars

The list of the most popular cars in America is out and one maker has most of the cars on the list. Did your car make the list?  


WQYK Hits the Road

Kick off your Labor Day Weekend with WQYK as we hit the road and broadcast from the brand new, totally green Sun Toyota in New Port Richey. We’ll be  live on location on Friday, September […]


Most Stolen Cars in the US

The list of the most stolen cars in the US came out and there are a lot of cars from the ’90’s on the list. 


Riot Breaks Out After Game In Vancouver

Vancouver Canucks Fans Lose It…When Riots Go Bad

So obviously the Vancouver Canucks lost to Boston Bruins and you would think that the loser fans would just go home and cry about it. But, not this time around…the Vancouver Canuck’s fans took to […]


Moron Moment: Painting Arsonist

A moron decided it would be a good idea to throw paint on cars and light some of them on fire. 


Pontiac is No More

Pontiac is no longer going to make vehicles as of Halloween. 


Poll Question

Quick poll question today.  If kids are required to pay for their own college/car’s, etc.  Does that make them more responsible than the kids today that have everything handed to them? Most people said



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