Casey James

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With Casey James The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far From The Tree

Casey James isn’t the only musical member of his family, and while other family members may play or sing, his mom actually made an album! Casey helped her record it a few years ago, and he […]


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Casey James All Smiles

Casey James is all smiles over his latest single called “Crying on a Suitcase” — it’s a song that Casey says he loved the first time he heard it, not just musically, but also for the […]


Casey James

The Real Reason Casey James Has Long Hair

The golden-haired singer and “American Idol” finalist reveals he had a very personal reason for growing his locks long.


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Casey James Cryin On A Suitcase

With his great new single, “Crying on a Suitcase,” Casey James is hitting a fun point in the life of a record — it’s that time when his song has been picking up enough airplay that more […]


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Casey James Blessed For The Things In His Career

A lot of things can happen in the music business, for instance, one day you wake up and find your latest single sold over 623,000 copies in the last week, (Taylor Swift) or you can […]


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Casey James Olympian

With the 2012 Summer Olympics capturing everyone’s attention I wondered how Casey James would fair if he were an olympic athlete, what sport would he excel in?  “I think the pole vaulting would be awesome […]


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Casey James Olympic Spirit

The Summer Olympics may only come around every four years, but the Olympic spirit shines annually in the form of the Warrior Games, hosted by the U.S. Olympic Committee’s Paralympic Military Program — and earlier […]


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Casey James On The Warrior Games

On an earlier posting I told you about one of Casey James songs being part of the Warrior Games. Let me follow that up by saying how proud he is of having his song associated with […]


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Casey James On What It Takes To Be A Performer

Casey James will be one of the artists in the big spotlight this weekend for CMT’s Big new Music Weekend that kicks off this Friday.  Casey will be doing his live performance of “Crying on […]


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Casey James To The Moon Awesome

As I told you earlier, Casey James was just absolutely thrilled to finally release his debut album last month, and fans were happy to get it, that earned it an impressive debut at number two […]





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