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Kelly Clarkson Begs For Cheating Rumors To Stop

Kelly Clarkson took to Twitter to try and end the parade of rumors that have been spreading like wildfire accusing her husband Brandon Blackstock of cheating. Clarkson Tweeted “Keep hearing random rumors of me and […]


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Blake Shelton Starts His Own Rumor About Who He’s Having Sex With

Blake Shelton doesn’t seem to be the slightest upset about all the gossip surrounding who he is, or is not cheating on Miranda with. Barbara Ann dishes the details of the new rumor Blake started about who he is sleeping with.


Billy Ray Cyrus Hosts Miltary Families at His Farm for TV Special

Billy Ray Cyrus Is Going To Be Grandpa

Veronica gave us her daily dose of the Celebrity Squeeze, the topics included, Billy Ray Cyrus is going to be a grandpa, Will and Jada news, & Randy Houser.


Chesney? A Cheater?

I don’t normally believe or fall for rumors spread in rag mags like Star Magazine, but the picture is pretty telling… Kenny Chesney is accused of cheating on his girlfriend in Mexico. Say it ain’t […]



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