Christmastime Favorites

Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Brad Paisley On What Wintertime Should Feel Like

Brad Paisley means no harm when he talks about the weather during the holidays but says: “No offense, folks, but California, for an Easterner like myself who is used to wintertime, you know what? I […]


Jake Owen and Lacey Buchanan

Jake Owen Says A White Christmas Was A Fantasy

Jake Owen says White Christmas was a fantasy where he comes from: “Where I grew up in Florida, we didn’t have snowy white Christmases like you hear about. You know, it’s kind of weird. You grow […]


2007 ACM New Artists Party For A Cause

Chris Young Shares His Holiday Decorating

Chris Young loves Christmas and shares his holiday decorating:  “Christmas is definitely my favorite time of year, like everybody has their favorite holiday, and some people like the summer…I’ve always liked when it’s cold outside, just, since […]



Chris Young Is A Junkie A Christmas Music Junkie

Chris Young tells about childhood Christmas morning, waking up early,and holiday tunes:  My parents pretty much just knew to wake up at six in the mornin’, five in the morning, like as soon as the sun comes […]


Carrie Underwood in Detroit

Carrie Underwood’s Favorite Christmas Carol

Carrie Underwood talks about her Christmas carols: “When I think of Christmas, you know, I’m a very traditional person. I love traditional hymns. I love traditional Christmas songs. It’s just…it’s what makes me think of Christmas.” […]


Carrie Underwood in Detroit

Carrie Underwood Enters A Nursing Home

Carrie Underwood talks about the joy that is brought to others during the holiday: “When my grandmother was still alive, we would all go to my grandmother’s house on Christmas Eve, and we would go to the […]


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Chris Young’s Must Watch TV

Chris Young’s must watch Christmas viewing: “I have to watch the Claymation Rudolph, or it’s not Christmas. That was like our Christmas movie around the house. You know, some people have the Charlie Brown Christmas and Frosty the Snowman. I […]


Brad Paisley

Brad Paisley’s Not Excited About This Christmas Present

Eight year old Brad Paisley was not excited about what he got for one Christmas:  “That’s just like my kids now and any other kid. Your priorities are…all they care about, I know, is the […]


Brad Paisley @ The Amp 9.28.12 Photo Courtesy of Timothy Boone 48

Brad Paisley Tries To Get The Goods On Santa

Brad Paisley tries to get the goods on Santa and says: “One year I tried to figure out — it was about fifth or sixth grade, I think I was startin’ to…oh no, it was third or […]


(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Chris Young’s Holiday Music Influenced By Alan Jackson

Chris Young reveals a surprising holiday-music influence:  The first Alan Jackson Christmas record. That record and The Beach Boys‘ Christmas Album – if I hear that, that means Christmas, as far as music goes. That was the two CDs […]




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