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Style Files: Taylor Swift Is Again the Face of Keds Sneakers

Taylor Swift is the embodiment of youth, bravery and springtime — at least, that’s how some brand managers see her, as she’s been re-enlisted as a face promoting a spring-oriented campaign for Keds sneakers.


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Jason Aldean Does the Dew

Did you catch the new Mountain Dew commercial? If you think you saw Jason Aldean you would be right! He shares the spotlight with other celebs including Lil Wayne, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and a famous […]


YouTube Video Still

Dogs Perform The Star Wars Theme [Video]

The Super Bowl is coming up and you know what that means! A whole lot of new commercials to entertain us. This is probably one of the only times people stay on the channel to […]



Funniest Commercial of the Year

The list of the funniest commercials came out and a funny cat commercial is the funniest. 


Is It Christmas Yet?

You will start seeing commercials for Christmas starting in a few weeks and we have a list of the presents that will be hot this Christmas. 


Our Favorite Super Bowl Commercials

We talked about our favorite television commercials including Faith Hill’s. 


Video: Every Celebrity In A Super Bowl Ad

With the Super Bowl coming up this weekend, not only is everyone excited for the big game, but also all of the commercials. There are always celebrity cameos in these ads, which is what everyone […]


Superbowl Commercials Preview

Want to check out a preview of the commercials everyone will be talking about Sunday? We’ve got some of the best for you…



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