Photo  By: Astrid Stawiarz
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Wheel of Fortune Fail

An Indiana University freshman appearing on the game show Wheel of Fortune guesses wrong on three different puzzles and misses out on a car, $1 million, and a vacation. Familiar phrases and words eluded Julian […]


Photo By: Frederick M. Brown
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Come On Down….HAIR?!

There have been many, many excited contestants on The Price is Right through the decades, but a Sacramento, California contestant took it to the next level. Aliaya won her way out of contestants row, and […]


Amazing Race Contestant Gets It In The Face

This is a must see video of an Amazing Race Contestant get smaked in the face by a watermelon.


New TV Shows

There are couple of new shows out and one of them stars former American Idol contestant, [lastfm]Kristy Lee Cook[/lastfm].  Check it out. 



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